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(v1.4.0) BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro Free Download

Create and manage BuddyPress user profile tabs Nulled (BuddyPress Components) with ease. Extend BuddyPress, Integrate third party plugins, add new BuddyPress Components, add new BuddyPress user profile tab without writing any code.

Extend BuddyPress Extend BuddyPress like never before.

Flexible Add as many profile tabs/sub tabs as you wish. Modify existing profile tabs/sub navs.

Save development cost Saves you many hours of development cost in adding new BuddyPress tab/components.

Take Control of BuddyPress User Profile Tabs.

  • You can add new BuddyPress component or profile tabs.
  • You can modify existing profile tabs.
  • Unlimited tabs/ tab subnavs.
  • You can add new sub navs to existing tabs(Tabs originally added by BuddyPress or 3rd party plugins).
  • You can modify existing sub nav items(Added by BuddyPress or 3rd party plugins).

Simple & intuitive interface for creating/managing tabs.

Simple & intuitive interface.

  • Access it from Dashboard->Users->Profile Tabs.
  • Self explanatory options for adding new tabs.
  • Detailed documentation to help you achieve your goal.

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