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(v2.1.2 – v2.1.7) Fraud Prevention Plugin WooCommerce Premium Free Download [Thedotstore]

👉 Fraud Prevention Plugin WooCommerce Nulled allows WooCommerce to refuse orders from specific visitors, based on customizable blacklisting criteria. You can block fraud customers by Email, IP Address, State, and Zipcode. It will help your store grow its business, with the power of valid transactions

👉 Block your unwanted spammy customers who come to your site and just download free items with fake email addresses.

When a user will try to place an order or register using one of the blacklisted IP addresses, State, and Zipcode.checkout or account will be interrupted and the user will be notified of the reason why the operation was blocked.


🔑 It decreases refund ratio of WooCommerce store
🔑 Save your time to every single fraudulent transaction.
🔑 Secure your WooCommerce store by fake orders

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