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[v5.4.3] Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Free Download


Navigating the digital world, content is the cornerstone of any successful online presence. The Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Nulled is a versatile tool designed to transform the way content creators and website owners populate their sites. This comprehensive post will delve into the plugin’s capabilities, offering an introduction, a thorough overview, a detailed look at its features, and a concluding assessment.

The Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Nulled serves as a beacon for those struggling to maintain a consistent stream of content. By harnessing the power of RSS feeds, this plugin automates the process of generating and posting content, ensuring your website remains dynamic and engaging.


At its core, the Echo RSS Feed Post Generator is a WordPress plugin that uses RSS feed items to create posts on your website. It acts as a bridge, pulling content from various sources and seamlessly integrating it into your site’s structure. This automation tool is a boon for those looking to keep their sites fresh and relevant without investing excessive time and effort into content creation.


  1. Automated Content Creation: Set up the plugin once, and it’ll keep your site updated with the latest content from your chosen RSS feeds.
  2. Diverse Content Sources: You can input multiple RSS feed URLs, diversifying the content on your website and catering to a wider audience.
  3. Customizable Posting Templates: Tailor how the RSS feed content is presented on your site with customizable posting templates, ensuring a match with your site’s aesthetic.
  4. Keyword Filtering: Only import content that contains or excludes specific keywords, giving you greater control over your site’s content relevancy.
  5. Flexible Scheduling: Decide how often the plugin fetches new content, be it hourly, daily, or weekly, maintaining a regular content cadence.
  6. Full-Text RSS Feed Support: For feeds that only show excerpts, this feature attempts to retrieve the full content, providing a complete post.
  7. Translation Capabilities: Translate imported content into different languages, making your website accessible to a global audience.
  8. Image Handling: Automatically import images included in the RSS feed, ensuring posts are visually engaging.
  9. Custom Fields and Categories: Assign custom fields and categories to imported posts, keeping your website organized and user-friendly.
  10. Affiliate Marketing Integration: Automatically add affiliate links to your posts, creating monetization opportunities.
  11. Logs and Reporting: Keep track of the plugin’s activity with detailed logs and reports, allowing for performance assessments and adjustments.
  12. Dedicated Support: Access to a support team ensures any issues encountered can be promptly addressed.
  13. Regular Updates: Ongoing updates keep the plugin compatible with the latest WordPress versions and introduce new functionalities.

The Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Free Download is an indispensable tool for any content strategy. Its ability to streamline the content creation process by automating the import and publication of posts can save countless hours, allowing website owners and content creators to focus on other vital aspects of their online presence.

With its comprehensive feature set, this plugin not only ensures a consistent flow of content but also offers a level of customization that ensures this content aligns with your brand and audience’s expectations. The keyword filtering and translation capabilities particularly stand out, enabling a targeted and inclusive approach to content curation.

The monetization prospects through affiliate integration and the enhanced user engagement offered by regular, relevant content updates underscore the plugin’s value beyond mere content generation. Furthermore, the commitment to regular updates and customer support signifies a dedication to maintaining a high-quality product that evolves with its users’ needs.

In an online world where content is king, the Echo RSS Feed Post Generator reigns as a powerful ally, simplifying the content creation process while ensuring websites remain vibrant, informative, and engaging. It is a smart investment for anyone seeking to elevate their content strategy, enhance their online presence, and captivate their audience consistently.


Version 5.4.3 Release Date 2024-02-16
Fixed an issue with rule saving

Version Release Date 2023-10-18
Fixed PHP 8.2 related errors

Version Release Date 2023-07-28
Fixed Google Translate integration, working with latest changes

Version 5.4.2 Release Date 2023-02-10
Fixed Google News scraping after recent changes

Version 5.4.1 Release Date 2023-01-03
Fixed all reported issues

Version 5.4.0 Release Date 2022-09-07
Added the ability to assign categories to posts based on keywords found in post titles

Version 5.3.8 Release Date 2022-06-14
Added the ability to translate posts a third time (acting like a Word Spinner, if the content is translated back to the original languageVersion 5.3.9 Release Date 2022-06-26
Added in importing rule settings, input fields for custom RSS tag mapping Added support for nested custom RSS feed tag importing, use this syntax: namespace:parenttagname=>namespace:childtagname. Example: gdacs:resources=>gdacs:resource=>gdacs:acknowledgements

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